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I'm happy to help you creating beautiful surface pattern designs&illustrations for Stationery, Fashion and Textiles, Homeware or Accessories. Here you have some pictures of my work.

art licensing free license prints for home linear woman portrait.jpg
print textile design allo over for women t-shirts sabrina balbuena freelancer illustrator
illustration for cover book freelance illustrator
reusable and washable fabric face mask from my soul pink greenwich.jpg
art licensing mandala desin for cushion home decor.jpg
exclusive print textile design mandala.jpg
art licensing free license prints for home  Print Minimalist Decor5.jpg
art licensing free license prints for home linear floral print.jpg
art licensing for stationery wall art
free license art for homeware water bottle sabrina balbuena.jpg
art licensing for tshirts patternbank.gif
art licensing for homeware coffee mugs tropical portrait.jpg .jpg
SB-Abst Tro 0001 650.jpg
SAart licensing japanese art two cranes with moon.jpg
art licensing linear woman portrait.jpg
art licensign japanese art.jpg
art print textile design tropical.jpg
print textile design for fashion womenswear
maxi skirt exclusive boho pattern art prints studio.jpg
ear paisleys bohemian print maxi skirts sabrina balbuena.png
exclusive print for sportwear patternbank art prints studio animal print tiger.jpg

brands that trusted on me

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