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Since I took a Recycling and Sustainability course while I was studying, I became aware of its importance. Ever since then, sustainability has always been at the forefront of my creative career.

I started my creative career by producing my own line of products featuring my illustrations and prints. I actively sought out suppliers who could provide me with reusable or recyclable materials, from the product itself to the packaging.


A few years later, I ventured into the world of fashion and fast-fashion. While it's exhilarating to see my designs reach such a wide audience, I'm deeply concerned about the fashion industry's impact of the environment.

from my soul mandala design yoga leggings for women.png
sabrina balbuena graphic pattern designer

That's why I've made the decision to work with more ethical brands, adding extra value to my designs and prints though sustainable packaging solutions.


I design pieces that, thanks to their colors and textures bring you beauty and allow them to enjoy a moment of pleasure, reflection and connection with yourself. Each piece is a living organism that tells you a story, taking inspiration from the unusual, from what is not seen, or from the little details of our lives. With my patterns and illustrations they easily become your products as favorites and acquire emotional value.


FROM MY SOUL seeks to generate an emotion, a feeling of enjoyment and joy


The visual identity of my proposal expresses at all times my values: originality, creativity, joy, connection with ourself, sensitivity, romanticism and intimacy.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need a colour expert and designer who is committed of sustainable practices. I'm open to long-terms collaborations as well as individual projects.


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