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FROM MY SOUL is the place where I express my creativity and sensitivity creating original, artistic and colourful print designs for Fashion, Accessories, textiles and Gifts.

I started my creative career as an illustrator for story books but I always felt attracted by Fashion and Stationery. I realized objects and textiles are the perfect way to express ourselves, our philosophy and mood. That's why I started to print my illustrations on garments and any kind of daily objects as coffee mugs, tote bags, etc.


I'm from Canary Islands (Spain) and moved to London a few years ago to work for independent Fashion brands, Print Textile Studios and big suppliers with clients such as Zara, Stradivarius, Women's Secret, etc.

from my soul mandala design yoga leggings for women.png
surface pattern designer sabrina balbuena_edited.jpg

I design pieces that, thanks to their colors and textures bring you beauty and allow them to enjoy a moment of pleasure, reflection and connection with yourself. Each piece is a living organism that tells you a story, taking inspiration from the unusual, from what is not seen, or from the little details of our lives. With my patterns and illustrations they easily become your products as favorites and acquire emotional value.


FROM MY SOUL seeks to generate an emotion, a feeling of enjoyment and joy. The brand’s value proposition is Colouring with joy every moment of your life.


FROM MY SOUL is for dreamers and for people who want to feel useful in the world, contributing with their creativity, with their smiles, with their daily gestures and with a more conscious and responsible consumption. People who, with small actions, want to improve the planet and the world in which we live, 


The visual identity of my proposal expresses at all times my values: originality, creativity, joy, connection with ourself, sensitivity, romanticism and intimacy.


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